Su&Bu Savory Sushi Fusion

So let me start by saying, this eatery is a MUST try for many of the following reasons.

The aesthetic of the place is amazing: bright inviting colors, plenty seating areas so there’s no need to stand while waiting on an order, and its a grab and go or dine in type of enviornment where either or works. 

The staff needless to say are the definition of good customer service, with smiles all around and a positive attitude. Even better was the fact that there was plenty enough staff to keep wait times short so you’ll have your order in no time. 

Now for the best part, the food. I personally opted for the Gringo’s Delight sushi burrito. It was a full packed meal and you’ll understand why just from what was inside: shrimp tempura, surimi crab, mango, jalapeño, avacado, lettuce, cucumber, nacho cheese, sriracha aioli, and last but not least, sweet sauce. Believe me when I say there was no pretty way to eat this burrito but it was worth every messy bite. For a side, I also decides to opt on their Poké nachos, which was definately my favourite. Likewise their sushi burrito, the Poké nachos were no short of toppings: crispy wontons, salmon, tuna, massago, avacado, corn, green onions, jalepeño, nori strips, sriracha aioli, sweet sauce, and nacho cheese. Each bite is fully packed, you get a tang of their sweet sauce combined with a crunch of the nori strips and all the other toppings. It goes to show that in any menu item, Su&Bu definately care about quality and quantity alike. 

The only thing to be weary of is the price, for instance, 2 full sushi burritos plus a side of Poké nachos came to a total of $39. If you’re willing to shell out the cash, it is 100% worth the price being paid.

Overall, I would highly recommend this local eat to anyone who’s a fan of international cuisine and seafood, because Su&Bu provides exactly that and sets the bar well high. This local eatery is approved by yours truley, -S. 

  • Overall experiance: 9/10
  • Overall food quality: 9/10
  • Price range: $$


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