Sweet Jesus Dessert Café

If you’re a person who’s a fan of keeping it simple with a twist, then sweet jesus dessert café is definately a local eat you must try. I had the chance to attend the downtown toronto location which I will be doing this review based on.

Aesthetics wise, it’s a fairly tiny shop, which gives the café a cozy feel. However, this does take away from the prospect of eating inside the café, as there was limited seating. We also cannot forget the infamous blue walls cannot be mistaken in every social media pic possible. The way I saw it, the simple color palette with a kick of blue coincides well with the simplicity of the menu with their kick of toppings!

Food wise, their menu items range from soft serve to espresso, giving customers a variety in satisfying that inner sweet tooth. Staff was a little short on my visit, considering the time of month was just before the city’s summertime icecream rush, but that also meant a short waiting time and customer service was no less according to that.

On my visit, I decided to opt for a small (which is a lot more than the cup seems so be weary when choosing between a small or their larger size soft serve) birthday cake icecream. This flavor was a vanilla softserve topped with creamcheese icing and cake bits. The topping had a flavor more similar to cookie dough than cake, however the overall flavor was well combined with the sweetness of the vanilla softserve. Another sweet option on the menu was the cookies and cream flavour. This flavor was similarly served with vanilla softserve topped with cookie bits. Similar to the birthday cake flavour, the cookie toppings enhanced the sweetness of the vanilla softserve so each bite with the two combined made the overall success of the dessert.

Overall, this spot is definately worth checking out, especially on those hot summer days that just call for a little dose of sweet icecream. This dessert cafe is approved by yours truley – S. 

  • Overall experiance: 6/10
  • Overall food quality: 6/10
  • Overall price range: $


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