Silo 13 : Toronto’s First Breakfast Cereal Café

Calling all early birds, 

If you’re a morning person, and enjoy kicking back to bowl of childhood bliss, then Silo 13 is your next destination! This cereal café is located in North York, Toronto. Just 4 weeks old, this hotspot is fairly new and the first of its kind in the GTA. No worries though if you’re not a morning person, their hours are from 7:30am-11pm Mon-Fri and 10am-11pm on Saturdays. These guys not only specialize in local cereals but also cereals imported from worldwide. On my visit, there was a variety of brands imported all the way from France! The staff is also incredibly hospitable, taking the time to explain how the place works and provided excellent reccomendations, a warm welcome for every person that walks in. Not to mention the cutest rustic atmosphere of the café, making it the perfect cozy spot to dine in for breakfast.

Now, for the main attraction of course, the menu! Silo 13 specializes in breakfast items, meaning its not only limited to cereal but also over night oats, parfaits, & coconut infusions! If you plan on going with the cereal, they have a huge selection from Captain Crunch Blueberry flavor to French Toast, the biggest remeniscience with some flavors I haven’t come across since childhood. Each cereal bowl is a flat fee of $10 and comes with milk, plus a variety of toppings from fresh fruits to chocolates & sweets, satisfying any range of sweet tooth. 

Overall, this breakfast spot is definately worth checking out for any casual breakfast date to a quick grab on the go! This cereal café eatery is approved by yours truley – S. 

  • Overall experiance: 9/10
  • Overall food quality: 9/10
  • Overall price range: $


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