Bobbette & Belle : Where Bridal Meets Café

I like to think of summer as a conversational time of year. It’s one of the few times a year people are stress free, and hopefully less bombarded with work in order to make plans. Being a student, summer is my only time to get away from most troubles during the year, finally catch up with loved ones, and go on mini adventures that add up to make the whole summer worthwhile. Amongst my many mini adventures this summer, I had a chance to visit Toronto’s Bobbette and Belle’s Queen Street East location. Special call for the ladies, you’ve got to bring your girls here because they will fall in love with how cute this café is. Or, if you and your date are into posh & classy, this is your next go to spot!

As I did just that to catch up with the girls this summer, not even a few seconds into first walking in, we were immediately in awe by the classy rustic aesthetic that radiated from this café. Simple floral decor with fresh flowers, wooden furniture, cream-colored walls, little baking trinkets that hung from the walls, you would think you were in Paris with the romanticism that came from this café. It was the simplicity and spaciousness that tied this café together & made it that much more inviting to stay.

Simple elegant & floral decor makes this café easy on the eyes and welcoming to all customers.
Spacious interior setting & plenty of seating options throughout the café makes it a go to spot to catch up no matter how large the clique.

What was also interesting about this café, was the amount of bridal related items around the shop. Floral arrangement ads alongside fresh roses set at each table, a bridal magazine rack filled with wedding gown inspiration, wedding cake designs on display to the side, this is the spot to bring your potential bridesmaids or groom to be for a cup of coffee and start planning a wedding!

Each table was placed with floral arrangement ads, to compliment fresh bouquet centerpieces at each table. Also visible are potential wedding cake designs (right) and a bridal fashion magazine rack (left).

Of course since wedding planning wasn’t on my own personal agenda, my eyes were more set on the menu. The café had a selection of hot & cold beverages ranging from iced teas & italian sodas to lattes & cappucinos. They also had a plentiful selection of pastries: cupcakes, macarons, cookies, brownies, tarts, danishes, the list could go on.

Bobbette & Belle’s beverage selection, ranging from hot and cold, sizes sold in either a regular or large.
Bobbette & Belle’s definately made a mark with their unique & exotic range of macaron flavor selection. Macarons sold $2.50 each.
Desserts sold on site ranged from danishes, cookies, brownies, scones, tarts, pies, and cakes.
Select flavors of the day ranged from classic chocolate, hazelnut, peanut butter, & the infamous mango passion fruit. Cupcakes each sold $3.50.

As for me & the girls, we opted for the chocolate hazelnut, classic chocolate, and mango passion fruit cupcakes along side italian sodas as our drink choice. Yes you heard that right, mango passionfruit cupcakes, my new personal favourite! The cupcake itself was light, which is good if you’re not much of a sweet tooth and don’t want to feel too guilty after. With an overall fruity taste, topped with toasted coconut, the cupcake had a good frosting to cake ratio and the perfect flavor combination. As for the italian soda, I opted for the mango peach flavor, which paired perfectly with the mango passionfruit cupcake. The beverage itself wasn’t too sweet, and made the perfect cold refreshment for the heat that day. Thankgoodness for the quick service at this spot, because neither menu item was easy to resist.

To wrap up this review:

  • Overall price range: $/$$$ (Price depended on select items. Items such as pastries or drinks were fairly affordable, whereas items that required ordering such as cakes were more on the pricey end.)
  • Overall food quality: 8
  • Overall experiance: 8

So grab your girls, grab your date, and head on down to Bobbette and Belle for a coffee date this summer! You won’t be in for disappointment, only the satisfying feeling of pampering. This café eat is approved by yours truly – S.

“He looks at you like you’re crème brûlée.”

Kelly Moran, Ghost of a Promise



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