Homemade Remedies

So I’ve decided to start a slightly different angle, but with good reason. Here I’ll be posting every trick of the book I was taught growing up that requires nothing else but the power of natural food ingrediants.

From a young age, I was always taught mainly by my father that natural is the way to go. I was taught how ginger could ease any tummy upset, how yogurt and tumeric were the key to glowing skin, or how onions were the key to low blood pressure. What shocked me at times was how effective these simple ingrediants could be, and yet as someone aspiring to enter medicine, it was something I was never exposed to in a classroom or textbook.

I’m not substituting the following posts for prescriptions, but I am suggesting these along the same lines of “an apple a day keeps the doctor way”. I hope you guys will find these just as useful as I did!

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